Author: Jesper Mosegaard


As I (red: Jesper Børlum previous employee), was looking through the presentations from Siggraph Asia 2014, one presentation in particular caught my eye. Tristan Lorachs presentation on Nvidias upcoming manual Command-List OpenGL extension. With all the focus on reducing the CPU-side driver overhead in the current graphics APIs this last year, and the upcoming new rendering APIs (AMDs Mantle, Microsoft DirectX 12, Apple Metal), I decided to make an overview of the current recommendations for scene rendering using core OpenGL…


Communication is hard – Especially communicating an artistic vision for visual effects. The Shareplay foundation sponsored a project investigating new software-based approaches to aiding artists in such communication – and this post explains our findings. Together with our project partners Ja Film, Sunday Studio, Redeye Film and WilFilm, we have come up with ways to improve the communication of animated volumetric effects like smoke, fumes, explosions, fluids, etc. The production of shots for film, commercials and TV goes though several…


In this project we helped Xcelgo with a brand new custom DirectX 11 renderer as a replacement of their existing fixed function DirectX 9.0 renderer. Xcelgo provides virtual automation software for 3D modeling along the cycle of automated material handling systems – Like airport baggage handling or larger warehouse storage systems. The purpose of their product is to eliminate the risks involved in building these large and very expensive systems, by allowing simulation and modelling of the system up front…


On the 14th of November at 15:00 in Aarhus, Denmark we will give an afternoon talk about an applied research projects about visually based communication of spatial special effects such as clouds and smoke. Prototypes where developed and integrated into After Effects and Autodesk Maya. Sign-up here on the (Danish) invitation. The project was sponsored by the Shareplay Foundation, and executed together with the animation companies Ja-Film, Redeye, Wil-film, Sunday Studio


I am attending the premier computer graphics conference Siggraph this year – together with some colleagues. Let me know if you want to meet-up in Vancouver between the 10th and 14th of August 2014 or if you want an overview of current trends when I am back in Denmark.


I am very happy to announce that the Elementacular Maya plug-in for interactive modelling and rendering of high quality clouds has been release in an Early Adopters Version (64 bit windows, Maya 2013-2015, OpenGL 4.4). The entire Lab is very excited to get our first experience launching a commercial off-the-shelf software product.